Message from Chairman

Message from Chairman

It is my honor and privilege to introduce Talal Holdings, a young and ambitious company with a diverse portfolio of investments in the UAE. Our business ranges from Hospitality to Fast Food chain and Real Estate as well advisory on investments. The transformation that the UAE has experienced since 2004 when Talal Holdings started investing in Real Estate and Hospitality has been tremendous. We have seen the country's GDP more than double and with this came great prospects as well as challenges and innovation.

Each business model has been created through an innovative and reflects the constant evolution of our customers to achieve the highest results and quality expectations. We are creating long term partnerships with upcoming businesses in the UAE, that are unique in concept and well-positioned in the market to ensure success and sustainable growth.

The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 highlights the importance of empowering the private business sectors for leading our nation forward and as a Chairman of Talal Holdings, I am confident to say that together we have the capabilities and power to achieve positive results and to be of the key contributors to the vision and great ambition.

Talal Holdings was established by Dr. Talal Abdulla Abdul Jalil al Fahim as a privately-owned investment and development company based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Talal Holdings primary focus is to invest in new ventures and established companies related but not limited to Real Estate, Food and Beverage and Hospitality. The company's focus is to deliver efficient operations, significant cost-savings, sustainable growth and increase of return on investments (ROI) driven by unparalleled commitment to UAE's successful future.

Dr. Talal Abdulla Abdul Jalil al Fahim

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