Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Founded in 2004, Talal Holdings Company is a diversified holding company incorporated in United Arab Emirates.

Talal Holdings currently provides its services from general public to upper class of the society in case of individuals and in corporate sector, its clients range from medium to large scale enterprises and government bodies.

Driven by our passion Talal Holdings has embarked on a highly successful career journey across various fields in hotel management. Talal Holdings held executive management positions in Abu Dhabi National Hotels (ADNH), who owned properties of multiple global hotel brands such as Hilton, Ritz Carlton, Sheraton, Meridian and Accor as well as in Al Diar Hotels, a collection of 9 luxury and budget hotels.

Talal Holdings is an industry that will shaped visions and transformed them into highly reputable and iconic landmarks under and mixed-use developments. Our goal is to deliver efficient operations, significant cost-savings, sustainable growth and increase of return on investments (ROI).

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